Friday, September 5, 2014

Miami To Exuma Bahamas on Sea-Doos Part I

This is one of the best Sea-Doo videos I've seen, with some great music to go along!  Check it out...

Part I of the Tampa Sea-Doo Crew voyage to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. On June 18th 2011 we departed Miami and became the first to pilot a jet boat and a personal watercraft from Miami all the way to Chub Cay in a single day. Day 1 was the most difficult part of our journey and this video gives slight glimpse into just how far it was. Between Bimini and Chub there was a long stretch when we did not see any other boats or land for about 3.5 hours.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sailing the South Pacific on a Catamaran, Island Hopping...

Sailing the South Pacific on my own catamaran has always been a dream for me, and I came across this great video from some folks living the dream!  There is some great video and music, so I'm sure you'll love it!  (Just have to get the image of Shamu out of your mind...  LOL!)   Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Empower Network, Best Business Ever?

This is a different sort of article than what I have posted in the past, but I think it's very useful and relevant in today’s world.  The economy is tough, but with some ingenuity and a good work ethic you can survive any financial difficulties that may arise.  It is also a great way to be able to afford a new boat or catamaran that you are looking at!

The Empower Network opportunity is simply the hottest online business I have ever seen in my six years of full time internet marketing!  There are many great ways to try and make some money in today’s business world, but most of them will only provide a small percentage of the overall product sale back to you in terms of commissions.  The Empower Network however, is the only business I have found that pays 100% commissions back to the affiliate!
If you are familiar with internet marketing or online marketing, this is absolutely fantastic and it’s what is responsible for the amazing growth rate that the Empowered Network is having.  The company has grown to over 22,000 people in just a few months, and before the end of the year there should be plenty of $30,000 a month earners!  With this type of business model and commission structure, there really is no upper limit with how much money can be earned.
Total income earned is up to the individual however, and nobody can predict or guarantee anything.  A person’s individual effort and work ethic is really what can guarantee success or failure in this or any venture.  That being said, I have never seen any business as profitable or easy to show to new leads as this one is.
The internet is by far the best method to increase a company’s sales, and we have only scratched the surface with regard to what can be done with it.  New technologies and ways of marketing are constantly creating new earning potential for people, and the right ones can do very well for themselves.  The Empowered Network is not a fad or fly by night business, but it has the structure to withstand the sands of time as it grows much bigger.
There has always been money to be made on the internet with affiliate sales, but most people have come to realize that the real money is made through the sales of products that we make ourselves in order to receive 100% of the commissions.  This takes time and energy, and usually an expert knowledge on a subject.  However, the Empowered Network provides us with expertly created products that we can resell for incredible profit potential, and everyone who gets in along the way also has that same income potential!
What the Empower Network does is to create a marketing funnel for your prospects that has been proven to be the most effective for marketing new products and has a greater closing percentage.  There are products ranging along a variety in pricing, and people can sign up for one, two, or more of these products which will in turn increase their potential commissions as well.
The products are incredibly useful for people even if they have no intention of building a business in the Empowered Network, and they will learn tips and tricks for increasing sales in any existing business they might have.  The business works for anyone who works it, and follows the guidance of their upline sponsor.  As with any business, there is some work involved, but if it is something that you love you really can’t call it work!  Try this business out; I think you’ll find the Empowered Network to be the find of the century!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Locate the Best Catamaran Makers in the Industry

There are many types, brands, and models of catamarans on the market today, and they have as many differences between them as you would expect from looking at cars.  If you are really interested in purchasing a boat or catamaran at some point, then it’s highly recommended that you study, learn, and listen as much as you can to all the manufacturers, cruisers, and people in the know before you actually lay down your money and buy something.  Decide what you’re more interested in, a sailboat or a powerboat.  Both have pros and cons involved.  With a sailboat you can travel farther and lighter, but there is more work involved.  With power, there is less to do on deck as far as unfurling sails, but you also may be limited in overall range.

Check out as many boat shows as you can, because that is really the only way to see the differences in the boats and types.  Some of the major brands or manufacturers on the market for catamarans are Lagoon, Leopard, and Fountaine Pajot.  These may be the big 3 cat makers, especially for the huge charter business.  That actually brings up another point, if you really want to see if purchasing a live aboard catamaran is for you, then go ahead and charter one for a week in the Caribbean and practice operating it, working the sails, and give it a good test.  Only you will know if you’re going to like it or not, and the captains are usually pretty good about catering to your needs or questions.

Lagoon may very well be the overall leader in sales, and they have been around for a while.  It’s a French company and they manufacture their boats in that country, even though they also have a large plant in South Carolina.  The most popular charter models range from 38 feet to 42 feet in length, but they also build them up to 67 feet.  Lagoon tends to show off at as many boat shows as possible, and I’ve always seen them when I go.  One thing about Lagoon is that their hulls tend to be thinner or more condensed, and there is not a lot of elbow room down in the sleeping areas.  These boats are more designed for the charter business, where they can fit 4 cabins onboard for 4 couples and make as much rental income as possible.  The bunks are not very luxurious compared to some of the South African models I’ve seen, but that may be all you need.

Leopard is actually pretty similar in size and look to Lagoon, but has a size range from 39 feet to 47 feet in length.  Leopard is a South African company, and I actually prefer them slightly over Lagoon having seen them side by side, but in reality you have to study them closely to see that much of a difference.  Leopard was also designed for the charter market and has a similar layout and living area.  The company is an offshoot of Robertson and Caine, and long established catamaran maker in that country.

Fountaine Pajot is a French company that has been building production cruising catamarans since 1983, and has a size range from 36 feet to 65 feet in length.  They are also one of the leaders in the industry, and hugely popular in the charter business.  Lots of luxury and options available, and many owners are happy and satisfied with their purchase.

I can’t end a discussion of luxury catamaran makers without mentioning South Africa and some of their fine high end products.  The charter market is one thing, but for discerning owners more living space and room to move around is always a great asset.  One company from South Africa, Royal Cape Catamarans, makes a great cat with huge amounts of space down below without bumping your elbows into things around you.  An immaculate master bedroom area with desk and lots of counter space, closets for both hanging and storage, and an optional bathtub in the master head!  The hulls are much wider than other catamarans, but it doesn’t effectively reduce the overall speed much either.  If you’re looking for more fishing or diving space on the stern, you can opt for an extra 3 feet of activity space that you will be sure to love!  All in all, I give Royal Cape Catamarans two thumbs up!
I hope you’ve learned a few things today about the types of catamarans out there and some brands available.  You can really only know what it is you’re looking for by actually going to as many boat shows as possible, and the bigger ones are the best.  Such as the Miami International Boat Show in Florida.  Try to attend, it usually happens in February of each year.  Good luck, and have fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stability Yachts is Still a Nice looking Boat...

The Stability 66 Hybrid Luxury model with SWATH Technology is a incredibly stable vessel for those high seas if you are prone to sea sickness...  The ability to lower the twin hulls really helps stabilize the yacht in rough weather so that you won't tip your champagne glass over!  The luxury of this boat is unparalleled, and boasts over 1000 square feet of living space with up to 4 cabins including a large master stateroom, a skybridge, and up to 30 mph on the open water!  A very nice vessel, but also pricey at over a million dollars...  Still, if you have the money!  :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Sailing Catamaran

If you are in the market for a sailing catamaran, there are some useful tips to learn first. Learn everything you can about the different boat types and manufacturers and spend some quality time attending boat shows and asking questions. You will be very glad that you did later when you're out on your new catamaran enjoying the ocean breeze on your face!

One of the best experiences a person can have is being out on the ocean on a sturdy vessel and enjoying a beautiful day watching the birds and dolphins without a stress in the world! It’s really good at helping a person decompress and that’s one of the big reasons so many people are searching for the right boat to retire on and travel the world. Some people aren’t even looking to travel anywhere; they just want a live aboard boat that has enough room and luxury they can enjoy in the comfort of their local marina. A great choice for many people is a sailing catamaran, which can provide a wide beam and stable platform on the water.

There are many different types of sailing catamarans out there, and it’s suggested that you attend as many boat shows as possible to get a good feel for what is available. The larger boat shows such as the Miami International Boat Show will usually have the best selection to look at, and some will also have a specific area or show that specializes in luxury sailing catamarans like the Strictly Sail Boat Show. These boats will be shown at a marina where the boat show is located, and you’ll be able to actually board the different boats and check out every aspect and function of the vessel.

South African sailing catamarans are very popular and some of my personal favorites. They are usually much larger and roomier than other types of catamarans, and they tend to be more on the luxurious side. They have a nickname, called “Condo Cats” because of how roomy and big the salon, cabins, and galley are! They have arranged a “pavilion” of these South African Catamarans at the Miami International Boat Show in past years, and they sail recently completed vessels over for delivery to clients in the U.S. or the Caribbean. Before delivery, they will showcase them at major boat shows to try and bring in more buyers.

One South African company, Royal Cape Catamarans, is really the best of the show in my opinion. The hulls have so much living space down below that they actually bow out instead of having thinner, sleeker lines like other sailing catamarans. This only has a small reduction in overall speed, and you probably wouldn’t even know it. The catamaran can travel 200 miles or more per day, and is so stable that you can set a champagne glass on the table while at sea and it wouldn’t tip over! It is a 50 foot long boat with an optional extra 3 feet at the stern for fishing or diving, which is a most popular add on. The beam or width is almost 30 feet, which is huge! That means it’s going to extremely stable against rolling waves and side to side action. They say that the most stable position for a sailing catamaran is upside down on the surface of the water, but the most stable position for a mono-hull is at the bottom of the ocean! So you will feel much safer sailing across the ocean on a catamaran than on any other vessel.

Royal Cape Catamarans also can have up to 6 cabins, or one great option is having one whole hull converted into a “owner’s cabin”, where the owners can have a huge amount of personal living space for extra hanging closets and 2 heads. The sleeping area is a very nice and luxurious queen size bed, and there is even an option with a bathtub!

In the aft sitting area on deck, there is storage space for extra freezers, washers and dryers, and other necessities that a couple might want on a long voyage or live aboard. There’s plenty of room in the forward deck storage area for any water toys you might want to bring along. In my opinion, it’s really the best in class for the South African Sailing Catamarans that I saw at the show.

So if you are seriously thinking about selling your house when you retire and buying a live aboard boat, there are many really good options for you out there. Spend a year or two going to as many major boat shows as possible to get some ideas for exactly what you want and so that you can actually go on board the vessel and be able to touch it and picture yourself as owner. Make sure that it’s the right fit for you, and get all your questions answered before purchasing. Good luck!

Attending the Miami International Boat Show

Many people have thought about looking for and purchasing a boat of their own after seeing others out on the water having loads of fun on a hot summer day… Or maybe even a colder spring or fall day on the water fishing in some secluded cove, just enjoying the time. There are many different kinds of boats, some small, some large, some for sailing, and some for just driving fast! If you’ve ever thought of being out on the water, then you probably have a good idea of the type of boat you would be perfectly happy with and what you would like to do with it. Are you the adventuring type, and possibly want to do a circumnavigation of the world? Or maybe you just want to stay in the harbor driving or sailing along at a low speed? There are many uses and many choices available.

The best place to begin learning about all the different boats and vessels out there is a local boat show in your home town. They usually start convention center boat shows in the early part of the year, while there is still snow on the ground in a good part of the world… Usually January or February, or in Florida or other warmer states they may also take place in the late fall. A good boat show will usually last up to 5 days and you can find out a great deal about different brands and models and actually get to walk on board and inspect the boat in detail. Also, if you decide to purchase at the boat show, you will usually get a discount because the manufacturer does not want to tow the boat back to the plant because it would cost them more money. So instead, they try and reduce the price in order to sell it at the show. You’ll usually find the best boat prices available there, and take advantage of them if you can.

However, spend as much time as you need going to as many shows as possible to look at as many brands and models as they have before buying. Take your time. Probably the best boat show in the U.S. is the Miami International Boat Show which takes place around January or February of each year. It is really a big deal, and takes place in South Beach. Lately it has been at least a 5 location show, with a convention center stocked with smaller boats and models, and other associated companies that have a product targeted toward boaters. Another location has the much larger power boats which are located at a marina, and they can be upwards of 100 feet or more! A very popular venue is the Strictly Sail boats again located in a local marina. This is a big favorite due to all the marvelous lengths and beams of different monohulls and catamarans that you can tour, going from boat to boat. But be prepared to spend all day, and wear very comfortable shoes, as this is very time consuming. But at the end of the day you really feel like you’ve done something very useful and accumulated much knowledge for your boat choice.

You can literally get to the Miami International Boat Show when it opens on the first day and spend each and every day at different venues for the whole length of time the show runs and still probably not see everything available! The Strictly Sail show also has a great selection of free seminars for sailors concerning sailing in the Caribbean, going around the world, weather and what to do, electronic navigation, ship cooking, cleaning and keeping things shipshape on board, keeping pets aboard, best travel itineraries, and many, many other awesome subjects! In fact, you can spend all your time with these free seminars and lose out on your boat touring time, so make sure to budget your time wisely!

The Miami Boat Show will also usually have an in water power boat venue, where large and very large long range power monohulls and catamarans are showcased. Today they have expedition power catamarans that can travel around the world with their huge tanks of diesel, and can handle any type of weather condition. Prices do have a wide range from monohulls to catamarans, and from power to sail, so attending this boat show is really a requirement if you’re serious about doing the proper research. They are incredibly fun also, so don’t think of it as homework and drudgery. If you go into it with the right attitude, you will have a great time and really enjoy yourself! Just be sure to wear soft soled shoes and get yourself in shape before going, since it’s definitely a workout… Have fun!